BRINGING HOME THE AMERICAN DREAM, a home purchase program for entry level home buyers has completed the test phase and is being rolled out to buyers in the central Kentucky area by First Nations Realty exclusively.
Two of the biggest roadblocks for entry level home buyers can be credit issues and pre-purchase expenses.
Under the Bringing Home The American Dream program First Nations Realty provides credit coaching at no cost to the buyer and has several potential buyer gift programs to help with the pre-purchase process.
According to 2016 U.S. Census Bureau statistics, the median household income in Kentucky is $46,659 which places most Kentuckians in the entry level home buyers category.
A further issue for this home buyer category is diminishing availability of affordable housing. In the category of $90,000 to $135,000 purchase price, sales in the Lexington area have decreased 2017 versus 2016 (1/1 thru 10/20) 18.4%. In the same period 2018 versus 2017 sales have decreased 31.8% due to availability.(1)
For more information, you may go to Http:// bringinghometheamerican dream.com or Contact Mike Jarrell Broker 859-351-5544 email fnrealty@iglou.com
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